About Us

Poverty is unnecessary. Each of us – even the poorest citizens of our world – can reach our full potential if given access to the right information and resources. That’s why KECT.CARE is working to transform the lives of the poor, and to transform the development sector. Because we believe that people everywhere have an inherent desire to improve their lives, we harness the strength and ingenuity of the poor by providing them with access to the tools they need to break the cycle of poverty – actionable information, appropriate financial services and unique business opportunities. We lay the groundwork for measureable results by creating and piloting our approaches in the field, working with international and local partners, as well as with the poor themselves, to create lasting solutions that can work worldwide, transforming the lives of millions.

We also help poverty-focused organizations reach more people by providing them with the tools and services they need to better understand their customers and themselves. Our world-class team is constantly working to identify opportunities and create sector-wide solutions that can transform the way the development sector works, accelerating the impact of our efforts – impact that, collectively, will one day eliminate abject poverty


"To help all deserving NGO's across India with their requirement for funding."


  • To develop innovative ways of fundraising for helping NGOs with their funding requirements.
  • To approach philanthropic individuals for raising contributions for deserving NGOs across the country.
  • To work as an organization towards the eradication of unemployment by providing various opportunities to able as well as disabled individuals to earn a living.
  • Providing equal opportunity of work to all.
  • Work towards the upliftment of one and all that form a part of the communities that exist around us by offering our services and through job creation.
  • To positively impact the societies that we work in.


KECTCARE Value base is characterised by.

  • We seek to empower the poor and the unprivileged, especially the poorest and downtrodden.
  • We hold ourselves and our partners accountable for transparency and measurable results, including charitable, social and financial performance.
  • We champion innovation that makes a difference in the lives of the poor and the affected.
  • We first seek to form partnerships with those who can advance our mission before acting alone.
  • We respect, invest in and promote local social entrepreneurs and local ownership.
  • We honour the voice, professionalism and integrity of our staff and volunteers.

KECT is a recommended organization because of:

Its focus on funds delivering 90% of all expenses directly to extremely low-income people in the developing world. We feel that this intervention faces an unusually low burden of proof, though donors' intuitive reactions to it may vary widely. The evidence that such transfers increase short-term consumption, especially of food, is very strong, and there is more limited evidence that such transfers may be invested at very high rates of return

Its documented success, to date, in reaching its 90% target, and what we perceive as a strong (and evolving) process for ensuring that cash is well-targeted and efficiently delivered

Its strong transparency and commitment to self-evaluation. Among other things, KECT.Care has two high-quality studies of its impact ongoing, and has taken the unusual step of making the details of these studies public before data is collected.

Room for more funding - we believe that KECT.Care can use substantial additional funding productively, both for its core work of delivering cash and for investigative work on refining its (new and unusual) approach.


NGO Fundraisers will come forward to support NGOs of India and the rest of the world in the following areas :

  • How to raise funds through local resources?
  • How to raise funds through Corporates?
  • How to raise funds through Government Support?
  • How to raise funds through Foreign Foundations?

We can support NGOs by preparing a fundraising plan and submit the same for them to just follow and execute the same in their respective location. The whole approach is user friendly and any NGO can follow the same and implement it effectively.

We can also take up turnkey project and execute the same on behalf of NGO. In this case, the fund requirement of an NGO should not be less than Rs. 1 Crore. The purpose has to be clearly defined as to why this fund is required.

NGOs are requested to fill up the application form available in our website and send the same to us along with necessary documents and a cover note clearly specifying their requirement of fund.

On its receipt, we will write back to you with our guidance manual.